Getting even vs God’s peace

It is in our “worldly” nature to get even, to have the last word, to get our point across and heard. To prove why we are right and they are wrong. Jesus always went straight to the core. Jesus Christ completely emptied all that he was to be a humble obedient servant and walked in the nature of God, with a pure soul that saw past the emotional, opinionated, outbursts that are so commonplace for those who walk in the flesh.

Walking in the peace of our Father means that external tension and outbursts of those around us doesn’t pull us into that level with them. His peace is independent from the actions of those around us and so we grow and learn to respond from His nature at work in us. As we continually submit to the Father, learn to be led by the Holy Spirit and train our spiritual senses we learn to see straight to the core just as Jesus did. It doesn’t happen overnight. We are running a long term race to be renewed and transformed as people of His Kingdom. Persevere, stand strong in Him, learn what it means to practice seeking Him with fellow believers and grow into who He has called you to be by His will and grace.

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