Excess Living….it’s addictive


Excess living, what do you think it is?  Is it loud, bold, everything extreme and in your face?  Is it subtle, unassuming, ordinary and present in our everyday lives hiding and common place?  There are more options, distractions, noise and lights than ever before.  There is an old saying, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  What that means is noisy, problematic, in our face items get the most attention.  What I'd like to draw attention to in this blog are some things we may not often consider as excess.

For instance, I often feel like I can do it all....or almost anyway!  I can work a full day, then go home and work all evening accomplishing all these projects that I've promised will be done.  However, time and time again I discover that these projects not only can't be accomplished in a day or a week but it seems to take months and even years and some things still aren't done.  I seem to think I can over promise AND over deliver.  That, my friends, is one example of extreme or excess living in its subtle form.  We tend to think that we can do it all and still have time left over.

Other times we expect to be put into any situation and have the inner strength and tools to overcome absolutely anything with moral precision and zero character defects coming into play.  For some reason, we put on this pretend red cape that turns us into a comic book super hero with unnatural strengths and therefore we can do no wrong and accomplish all that we put our hands and minds to.  Keep in mind, all this happens in our mind in a very unassuming way and more quickly than you realize.  This too is living in excess.

This type of living is very addictive and its roots grow deep into our nature controlling our desires, our overall thinking and consequently our daily actions.  It's not loud or in our faces but its deceptively got a firm grip on us.  When we allow this type of "all or nothing" nature to be our foundation then we are living with our thinking and supposed abilities driving and motivating us.  Now let's contrast this with 1 Corinthians 10:31, "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all things for the glory of God."

Think of it like this, when we set our minds on the nature and character of God; when we practice a lifestyle of thinking and living in reminder of his love, grace, wisdom, power, strength, patience, hope, peace and so forth, it literally impacts all that we are and do to the very core of our being.  Extreme and excess in thinking and living is the way of the flesh.  Setting our minds and surrendering our lives to our Lord and Creator is the pathway to purpose and peace that is more fulfilling than you can ever completely wrap your mind around.  True life is found filled with and led by his Holy Spirit.

I encourage you, as I do myself, practice getting quiet and just waiting on the Lord to speak.  Learn to open your ears and hear what he is speaking to you.  Do these things and learn to live in this way, for the glory of God, and let's all quit wasting time on the subtlety of excess running our lives.  Be encouraged, be transformed and abide in the Lord!


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