Your Mindset….does it matter?

When we accept Christ and are born again, we receive his holy spirit in us. This means he is alive inside of us which produces a strong desire to repent and be set free! To repent is to turn away from how you’ve been thinking and living and turn in a totally new direction. This is difficult because we’ve established patterns in our lives and we are on autopilot living out of this old mindset. Every day we are alive our mind is filled with what we focus on. Life is full of interactions and triggers that influence and shape our mindset and it is from this place that our actions occur. So, if we want to change our actions
then you work backwards to change your mindset which means you must begin to look at how you are spending your time and what type of thinking are you allowing into your mind and spirit?

Think of a busy ocean harbor with many ships waiting to dock and come to land and you are the manager who determines what ship may park and which ships must be turned away.  There is only so much dock space and many ships so it is important to give thought towards how to manage this process and what are the results of those decisions. Dealing with influences and triggers in life is really no different. Our minds, practically speaking, can only handle so much. What thoughts will you allow to dock at the harbor of your mind which will determine your mindset, which will ultimately result in your actions?

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