Spiritual Journey Basic Outline


“Foundational Principles”

  • We choose to accept Jesus Christ as king and accept the Fathers leadership over our lives.
  • We have a brand new clean foundation with no cracks upon which a new life can be built.
  • The TABLE
  • Our Heavenly Father has given us this free gift and is sitting at the recruiting table. At this table is our new boots, shirt, pants, weapons and everything we need to join as a soldier for the Kingdom of Almighty God.
  • There is a sign-up sheet. To make the “DECISION” doesn’t force us to sign up and become a fruitful soldier for His Kingdom.  This is essentially a fork in the road.  Both forks lead to standing before the Father to give an account of our lives.  To be a believer AND soldier for His Kingdom is what He desires.  To be a believer yet to never pick up and use the tools as a good soldier of Christ to bear fruit leads to withering and decay.
  • Every good soldier fixes their gaze upon the straight path in front of them. There is a goal and a prize. There is a clear understanding of what is at stake and what it must take to run the race, to accomplish the task at hand, and to finish.
  • A soldiers mind must be sharp and prepared. Their mind must be ready to discern good & evil and must know how to handle each and every situation.
  • A good soldier understands there is an enemy. The enemy is always working to destroy the fruit bearing abilities of the soldier.  A good soldier doesn’t focus on the enemy but is aware of their resistance and stays focused on their task while using the tools from the TABLE to make progress.
  • Our Heavenly Father has the most high tech tools available for training and accomplishing the work He has prepared for us.
  • As we use the tools made available to us, our minds gradually and steadily become new and focused on our Father and the ways of His Kingdom. Our lives literally become transformed from the inside out.


?’s: Is your life like that of a focused and determined soldier on a mission or more like that of someone that is very comfortable in their culture and just floating along without a clear path?

Do you sense the urgency and excitement of bearing fruit for His Kingdom?

Do you understand the spiritual tools available to you and if so, what is it you are using?

What is the yield and fruit coming forth from your life in using the tools God has given to you for accomplishing the work He has prepared?

Do you see, understand and participate in the sharpening of others and humbly submit to being sharpened?