My life is not my own

My life is not my own
I am joined, permanently united, with Christ. We are moving in the same direction, joined together. I share in the likeness of His death and in the power of His resurrection.
My thoughts are not my own
We are moving through life now together. Every high and every low. As challenging thoughts come into my mind, I quickly look at Him. My willpower is weak but thankfully He is so very strong.
My plans are not my own
We now work together. I'm no longer alone. The plans once formed in the vacuum of my own existence and future don't hold the weight they once did. I lay them out loosely, we look at them together and I follow His lead.
My expectations are not my own
The standards I've set for myself and others have crushed me again and again. He has made it clear the expectations were not mine to set to begin with. After all, we are joined together. I simply look to Him. He sets the standards and drives the reactions. It is all by His power and grace.
My power is not my own
Power in my own right and to serve my own will is pathetic at best. Living out His heart, desires and purposes according to His will and power is how I'm designed to live.
My heart is not my own
Trying to manage the affairs of my own heart is a let down and frankly exhausting. He has asked that I give Him that job, to surrender the struggle with the frailty of emotions, to invite Him into every moment, every thought, every feeling and to be set free, to finally be at peace.
We are not our own.

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