It's Your Ship:  by Michael Abrashoff


What all leaders have in common (getting the most from your people)

  • The leaders needs, the company atmosphere, workers competence level
  • If it feels right, smells right, tastes right, it's almost surely the right thing.
  • Cultivate individual initiative. Create a climate that enables people to unleash their potential.
  • Delegate! Lead others to take ownership.
  • When you don't see the right results, look inward:
  1. Did I make the goals clear?
  2. Did I give enough time and resources to accomplish the task?
  3. Did I give enough training?
  • Realize your influence and use it wisely. Be there for your people.  Find out who they are.  Recognize the effects you have on them and how you can make them grow taller.
  • Listen aggressively. People have hopes, dreams and want to be respected.
  • Confidence is infectious. Back your words with action.  Practice what you preach.
  • Freedom does not weaken discipline, it strengthens it. Be trained to make decisions.
  • Practice empowerment within guidelines. Nurture the freedom to fail.
  • Set challenges beyond reach.
  • Take calculated risks. Bet on people who think for themselves.
  • Volunteering benefits everyone.
  • Build up your people. Leadership is mostly the art of doing simple things very well.
  • Build self esteem and use praise. Be attentive to peoples feelings and potential. Face to face interactions is huge.
  • Cross training improves team skill and morale.
  • Unity, not diversity, through dignity and respect.
  • Improve peoples quality of life.