I want to be faithful

There has been a common theme in my life as a believer.  The Lord is such a faithful lover of my soul.  I am such a fickle, inconsistent recipient of his tremendous and faithful love.  Falling and failing to be the person my heavenly father deserves is a position I've been in many times.

There are many important lessons I've learned on my journey as a believer in Jesus Christ.  I look back on the beauty of His grace and the resulting progress made in my life and I am genuinely thankful.  I look at the present and all the progress that still needs to be made, all the areas in which I wish I was more faithful, more consistent, more balanced and I hope for more.  I look toward the future and pray that I will persevere; that I may evermore  & consistently live as if my heavenly father truly is the love of my life.

Truly, I love Him and truly I want to be more.  Distraction and busyness is a powerful tool that can serve to pull me away from Him.  I am determined and hopeful to be truly faithful to the one who loves me more than I can love myself.  I've learned that transformation is beautiful and true.  I've also learned that old feelings and ways of thinking and living can be stirred up and still make an impact on how I live.  Believe me when I say that we can be transformed.  Also believe that it is equally if not more important to abide in Him, to stay on the path of transformation.  There is a reason that we are to run our race, to work our field.  This involves staying the course.  Just because we cross a finish line or produce a crop doesn't mean we sit back, enjoy and live off the fruits of our labor.  If we are not careful that leads to stirring up old feelings and ways.  We must cross that finish line, give thanks and praise to the one who sustains us, cool down, stretch, rest in His presence and then get back up, do the practice of abiding in Him and keep running, keep working, keep moving forward in His will and ways.

Writing out these thoughts has blessed me this evening.  I hope it is a blessing and encouragement to you as well.  Run your race.  Rest and abide in Him.  Love in Christ, your fellow brother in the One who is the true lover of our souls. --  Brian




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