God the Father

Sin & false power | True abiding life

It’s been a relationship of free will from the very beginning.

  • Spirit to spirit
  • Mutually beneficial for God & us

Sin being introduced brought the idea that God’s creation could be filled with (sourced by) something (idols) other than God’s life.

This sparked an ungodly desire which began to displace God and fanned the flame of rebellion.  This gave rise to a counterfeit (false) power that filled those who sought to reject the order and character of God.

Overcome with unrighteous power, God’s fallen creation became distorted and disfigured.  How does this look in our physical world today?

Satan and his demons brought this counterfeit power and put it to work in the earth.  The desire and subsequent “rush / high” they felt when giving themselves to this disfiguring power is what draws and imprisons so many today.  There is a reason we say things like, Misery loves company.  These demonic forces desire to feed upon those that give themselves to anything that is outside the character and life of God.  False power produces weakness and fear.  The initial rush and enjoyment is why the deception is so powerful.  We may eat sugar for the feeling it brings knowing it’s not good for our bodies.  However, we continue to eat it and numb ourselves to the reality of its effects.  It does catch up to us but we often repeat the same process.  Chasing power disfigures and damages us and we’ll ultimately “feed upon” and try to have power over others.  We do this in order to numb our awareness of what is actually sourcing our behaviors.

As we choose to engage in sin, we give legal right to the enemy to enter in and become involved in our lives.  Addiction, idolatry and all forms of unrighteousness flood in and begin to distort, twist and disfigure us.  This transforms us into grotesque shapes and conditions of which God never meant for us to become.

This is not natural for it is out of accordance with God’s ways and design.  This produces tension, anxiety, anger, bitterness, confusion, selfishness, envy, strife and many similar things that paralyze and weigh us down.

When we live the abiding life as a vessel of Christ it is a perfect fit like a hand in a perfectly sized glove or like a dancing couple in perfect sync.  God the Father desires for us to realize that in His creative love there is a complete and supernatural joining that occurs when we learn to rest in complete surrender and enter into this dance of life with Him.   There are limitless wonderful manifestations of God’s character.  As we fully yield and enter into this type of symbiotic relationship with Him, He expresses Himself in all of these wonderful ways over and over again!  Different aromas, sounds, visions, tastes and touches are all part of being in total surrender to and with Him.

We gladly and easily adjust to whatever shapes and conditions He needs…as He is moving…in real time!  We are His vessel’s in the spirit to accommodate what He is doing moment by moment.  There is immense and overwhelming joy for Him and for us as this is the very pinnacle of life.  Not only are we willing but we are excited and rejoice for we are created to exist with Him in this very process for all eternity!

God’s ways are truly perfect.  There is no higher summit to reach. When we receive His invitation to enter His Kingdom of Light and Life and become joined with Him, in Christ Jesus, we have all we need and desire.  All of this is found in perfect harmony of relationship with Him.