Authority in Jesus Name:

EW Kenyon – The wonderful name of Jesus

  • They performed miracles which opened doors for ministry and service. It gave authority to their credentials, a standing in the communities where they preached.  They had the coin of the unseen kingdom.
  • When reason takes the place of the miraculous, Christianity loses its virility, fascination and fruitfulness.
  • If we take the supernatural out of Christianity, we have a religion.
  • The object of the miracles of Israel that shook Egypt was to separate Israel from the dead gods of Egypt and bind them to the worship of the living God of Abraham.
  • A dry, dead meeting has no drawing power, but a service where men are being richly blessed in the unfolding of scripture or the saving of souls, the healing of the sick, or the filling with the Holy Spirit has a drawing power.
  • Life of faith – Sin has made us workers, grace empowers us to trust in God. Sin dethroned the spirit and crowned the intellect.  Grace is restoring the spirit to its place of dominion.
  • Are we using scriptural expressions and high sounding phrases that have no meaning to our inner consciousness?
  • The church is a supernatural body, clothed with supernatural power, gathered about a supernatural name!
  • Many live as if we have outgrown the teaching of the Holy Spirit and instead live according to the wisdom of man. We’ve allowed this to take the place of the power of the name of Jesus Christ.  The natural result is we live as if His name has been stripped of its power because we, through our colleges, universities, and our great intellectual development, have outgrown God, and we can perform mental miracles so that god's physical and spiritually transformative miracles are unnecessary.  Shame upon us! We have become an apostate (renounced or abandoned living in His name)   One mighty miracle today in the name of Jesus Christ is worth more than 100 modern sermons that are being preached in many churches.

3 classes of people:

  1. Those dominated by the physical. These people are governed by their passions, appetites and physical desires.
  2. Those dominated by the mind. These people are leaders in the financial, educational, social and political landscapes.
  3. Those dominated by the spirit. These people are great spiritual leaders of the church today. Those who are seeking to restore man to his original spiritual realm.
  • Sin dethroned the spirit and made the body or mind dominant. Humanity is divided between those whose minds rule the body and spirit and those whose bodies rule the mind and spirit.
  • The reason why believers are unable to get into the word and enjoy the fruit and privileges in Christ is because their fellowship is either broken or they have a very low type of fellowship.
  • Fellowship is not a mental thing, it is spiritual. The mind comes into harmony with the spirit and enriches the fellowship.
  • Our fellowship is with God through quiet time, prayer and worship, with his word, and with one another. It is not safe to be out of fellowship for even a moment, for when you are out of fellowship you are in satan's fellowship without protection.