Micronutrients in the Kingdom


I've been increasingly interested in healthy living for years but in the last few months I've dived into a deeper understanding of micronutrients.  At 47 years old, it's becoming more and more evident that the more attention I pay to the needs of my body, the better I feel and function in everyday life.  Since I want to work and be active for as long as possible this is very important to me!  I use a certain nutrition app that really helps me to see the daily levels I'm hitting of macro nutrients such as protein and carbs to micronutrients like vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and iron.  As I'm nearing the end of the day I see what is running deficient and I fill in the blanks with natural foods and supplements to hit the goals and stay within my target calorie intake.

Certain foods offer nutrients that others don't.  Those of us in the body of Christ are the same way.  In the home church group I gather with it really brings me joy to know that each of my brothers and sisters are going to bring something spiritually nutritious to the table.  It's like a buffet of different scriptural based perspectives, seasons, sauces, meats and veggies that is shared and fills each of us up in beautiful ways.  Just like physical foods, we can't all be vitamin C, we can't all be calcium and we can't all be protein.  Thanks goodness for that.

Please don't discount how God wants to use you to contribute into the lives of others.  Understand that this is typically not a light switch event.  It has taken practice and conditioning to learn to submit to his flow in my life and to let Him build confidence in me.  This confidence is shaping me to completely yield to His will and to be comfortable in the outpouring of His life through me to bless others.  There is still so much conditioning to undergo but I'm enjoying the process and I know He is too.  Life in Him is never boring so keep living my friends!

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