God’s Glory

  • If we don’t see that God is truly glorious then it reveals there is something lacking within us.
  • God desires that we would be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing (James 1:4)
  • In part, what if we are to glorify Him for our own good? So that we may see clearly and accurately?

CS Lewis talked about weight being ascribed to glory.  Things that are important, carry weight and are in a position of high importance in our minds.

As we perceive and understand God more accurately then His value and weight increases significantly and we automatically acknowledge this.  This leads us to walk in the fear of the Lord, in humility and in deep, genuine worship.

  • The closer we walk with Him the more we become like Him.
  • If we remain stunted and stagnant in our growth we will not grasp the weight of His glory, we will not grow closer to Him.
  • No growth = no or less blessing in our lives.
  • What carries more “weight” in our lives than God?
  • If that something is compromised, taken away or disrupts our lives in a major way, then that weight is misplaced.

We perceive the value of God and glorify Him because He is truly glorious therefore it’s our natural reaction!  We are attracted to him and our desires are directed toward Him.

It is God’s desire that we mature and grow in our walk with Him so that we are truly living as the workmanship of His hands; truly living as new creatures in Christ Jesus.

When we fully and accurately perceive and understand the weight of His glory then we lift and exalt Him to the highest position of our lives.  We perceive Him as a treasure beyond the highest value imaginable and so the natural course of our thoughts, priorities and actions fall in line.