The Names of God


I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “words, mean things.”  Yes, words definitely have meaning.  I think back to the three times we were faced with the wonderful challenge of naming our children.  There was a lot of thought and consideration that went into that process.  We discussed the names of our parents and grandparents, we looked at the meanings of different names and we simply talked about names that we liked and didn’t like.

It is interesting how people in general like to develop descriptive names for each other, for their kids, for coworkers and even pets.  One way our feelings are conveyed is through how we address each other.  The character of our heavenly Father is shown through the scriptures and the names chosen to use in intimacy of relationship with His people.  Understanding and using the proper names of Almighty God is an important tool to connecting with Him as Savior and as friend.  In your quiet time, focus on the attributes of each name as you minister to the Lord.


Elohim:  Translated as God.

  • You are the Eternal Father.
  • You are the origin of all nature and life.
  • You bring meaning and purpose as we seek to align with Your Kingdom.
  • You are the Author of the story of stories.
  • You are Creator.
  • You are Redeemer.


Adonai:  Translated as master or Lord.

  • You Are Lord.
  • You are the owner of all things and I submit to you.
  • You are the King of kings and Lord of lords.
  • You are all sufficient.
  • Your authority is revealed throughout all creation.
  • You are my King and I am your servant.


El Elyon:  Translated as God Most High.

  • You are the King of the universe.
  • You are sufficient to meet all my needs.
  • You are my provider.
  • You are sovereign, all powerful and absolute in your nature.
  • Your reign is never ending.
  • You are over all and above all, omnipotent and Almighty.


El Shaddai:  Translated as God almighty to nourish.

  • You are my comforter.
  • You abundantly supply all that I need.
  • You are tender and care for your people.
  • You are the well of living water.
  • You are the bread of life.
  • You are mighty and strong and sustain your people.


Yahweh:  Translated as Jehovah meaning LORD and widely accepted to be the proper name of God.

  • You are life without beginning or end.
  • You are God of the present.
  • You are the I AM who has always been.
  • You are righteous and holy.
  • You are my redeemer who saves me from captivity.
  • You are fully revealed in Jesus Christ.


Jehovah Jireh:  Translated as the Lord provides.

  • You see all things and provide for my needs.
  • You are the Lamb that provides redemption.
  • You are faithful as I am obedient to your leading.
  • Your gifts are a precious honor to have in my stewardship.
  • You are loving and trustworthy.
  • Your very nature is a blessing to my soul.


Jehovah Rophe:  Translated as the Lord heals.

  • You restore me to health.
  • You heal all of my wounds.
  • You bring freedom to the oppressed and sweet water to my soul.
  • You cleanse my sins and strengthen my resolve.
  • You bring peace to my every circumstance.
  • You are my divine healer.


Jehovah Nissi:  Translated as the Lord is my Banner.

  • Your divine power works mightily today just as it did through the rod of Moses.
  • Your Glory glistens as the sun and I stand under you in victory.
  • You were lifted up so that I may have eternal life.
  • You are Savior who forgives my sins.
  • You lead me to victory every day.
  • You love me, therefore, I live in continual repentance as I stand under Your Banner and walk with You as a warrior who overcomes every obstacle.


Jehovah Mekadesh:  Translated as the Lord who sanctifies you.

  • You sanctify me so that I may be like you in purity.
  • You set me apart, that I may be of service to You and Your Kingdom.
  • Your nature is in me and Your character flows through me.
  • You have redeemed my life and now I stand joyfully in your presence.
  • You are the Holy One, therefore, I prepare my mind for action that my thoughts may dwell on what is right, pure and praiseworthy.
  • Your name is precious and I long for the pure milk of your word that I may be an open and willing vessel for Your Holy Spirit.


Jehovah Shalom:  Translated as the Lord is peace.

  • You bring purpose and vision to my life.
  • You make me whole and complete for the purpose of Your mission.
  • You have created a wholly devoted heart in me so that I may live in relationship with you.
  • You bring contentment to my soul as I strive to live in obedience to Your Word and the ways of Your Kingdom.
  • You are the Prince of Peace and I invite You into every part of my life.
  • You are Jehovah Shalom and I place my life before You as an offering for I know that You are faithful.


Jehovah Tsidkenu:  Translated as the Lord is our Righteousness.

  • You are the righteous ruler over all things.
  • Your character is strong and just.
  • Your nature is reflected in the perfect moral standards that You have established for all Your people.
  • Your throne’s foundation is righteousness and justice.
  • Your people are clothed in the loving kindness and truth that go before You.
  • Your righteousness requires that I practice compassion and justice in all areas of my life.


Jehovah Rohi:  Translated as the Lord is my Shepherd.

  • You are gentle and care for the needs of Your people.
  • You renew your people so that we may follow Your lead through the paths of righteousness.
  • You are my resting place and my desire is to follow You in service to Your Kingdom.
  • You are the good shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep.
  • You are the path to and the protector of Your sheep.
  • You are our guide to the springs of life giving water and the One who wipes every tear from our eyes.


Jehovah Shammah:  Translated as the Lord is there.

  • Your glory and presence is everlasting.
  • Your presence brings hope and encouragement to my soul.
  • Your glory is embodied in Jesus who abides in You and I in Him.
  • Your presence is found through the love of Your Body, the Church.
  • Your presence is manifested in how we share life with our family, neighbors and in how we conduct business.
  • Your brilliance fills the New Jerusalem temple. May the Lamb and the Lord God Almighty be praised forever and ever amen!