Welcome to Chat!

This is an Oklahoma City based outreach effort to find and connect with like minded people that are hungry to grow in the Lord.  You're here so what have you got to lose?  Reach out, say Hi, and share what the Lord is doing in your life.  After all, the goal is to sharpen one another in the faith and to grow in spiritual maturity as His disciples.  This means we need to connect and talk about the things that work, pray for eachother, and help in practical ways that produces fruit in all of our lives.

What this IS:

A professing Christian individual, connected to other individuals (called friends / brothers / sisters in the Lord) that meet in prayer groups, homes, coffee shops and whatever makes sense to share our lives in the Lord with one another.

What this is NOT:

  • A money or donation collecting effort
  • A hidden agenda to be your leader, apostle, or any other such nonsense
  • A "church group" in the traditional sense
  • Any specific denomination, weird cult or other following

Who is WELCOME?:

Anyone with whatever baggage or lifestyle.  If you're humble and willing to lay whatever the Holy Spirit lays on your heart to surrender, then this is for you.  We all have roots that have dug deep over the years in certain areas.  It will take the supernatural work of God, time, a surrendered heart and the loving & steady support of others around you but growth will come if you're willing to persevere.

FINALLY:  how does this work?

In this chat, you are able to initiate a conversation with the administrator (learn more at the about page).  Think of this as a first step, a handshake, to meet and make an introduction.  If it makes sense, we can move on to emails and/or phone calls and eventually a public meeting arrangement for a face to face conversation.

Simply click the round circle at the bottom right corner.